A company’s reputation is fundamentally its greatest asset but like every asset it needs to be nurtured and protected to maximise shareholder return.

Corporate reputation is hard won and protecting it has never been tougher.
With online activism, social media scrutiny and 24/7 global news, corporate leaders – whether in private sector businesses or public sector organisations – require reliable intelligence, insights and counsel to make informed communications decisions.

We have delivered corporate reputation programmes in many sectors.  Each client has distinct objectives and challenges and we respond with highly tailored programmes, tightly targeted and engineered to meet these specific needs.

Our corporate communications programmes utilise social as well as traditional media, ensuring our clients are at the heart of conversations amongst the stakeholders they want
to influence.

And we don’t only work with corporate clients in the good times.  We’ve helped many clients minimise the corporate impact when they have had to make cutbacks to help secure their long term viability.  And when it’s been appropriate to ‘take the gloves off’ we’ve helped clients to fight regulator or Government proposals that have threatened to damage their business or, in the case of representative bodies, those of their members.

Some of the Corporate clients we have worked with include: